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Liz & Michael Wickins’ Whispers from the Depths is a good read as well as a reminder that Central and South Africa’s current emphasis on mega dams is not without major human and environmental costs, nor are such dams immortal. – Thayer Scudder, Professor of Anthropology Emeritus, California Institute of Technology

Watch Liz and Mike Wickins’ interview on Polity, discussing their book Whispers from the Depths – The Kariba Story.


A really wonderful interview on Radio Today’s Changing Destiny Show – Paul Pereira chats Liz and Mike Wickins about their book Whispers from the Depths – The Kariba Story.

Click HERE to listen to the podcast.









2 thoughts on “Reviews and Interviews”

    1. What an extraordinary tale of achievement and simultaneous devastation. I was riveted from the first page to the last! This is a well-researched and well-written book, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in history, engineering, politics, anthropology, zoology.

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